We are a community of realistic, successful, positive and international innovators who uncover, test and scale solutions to positively impact people’s lives and businesses.

We are building a platform that cuts through the noise and aims at identifying and nurturing new leaders that will be the bridges to create the needed Trust and Collaboration through businesses between countries, human beings, machines and Nature.

Arnaud Blandin

Beyond exchange and institute

20+ years scaling companies between Silicon Valley, Asia and Europe

Entrepreneur in both B2B and B2CĀ 

Focus on leading edge technologies

Arijit Sengupta

Beyond Co-founder

20 years in global tech, big data, and business servicesĀ 

Entrepreneur, build-out of two unicorns

Alexandra Panayotou

Beyond Dialog

Expert on professional and personal development coaching

Fortune 1000 senior executive teams

Julien Venturini

Beyond Builders

20+ years developing and financing innovation

Founded a 100+ employees startup

Partner and investor in technology startups

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